The process of creating the sculpture begins with an idea,

in the artist imagination, or with an experience that has left its mark on the artist, and then … work done by hand in shaping the clay or the iron until the desired shape is formed by the artist from the idea that is woven in his mind. Of course, the emotions, the artist’s energies and his control of the material effect the work as well.

In the case of clay, there is also an intermediate stage that is not always applied, which will dry up the material and sometimes even bake it. This process gives rigidity to the work piece and fixate it.

The whole creative process takes a long time and requires a lot of effort.Another step is preparation of the mold for casting, the mold contains the work until it is extracted, then comes the stage of bronze casting or any other material, on which a patina coating or any other chemical is put into the process,This is almost the final stage where you can add shades and various colors to a sculpture.And so the piece is built and gets a life and beauty of its own.